North Cyprus offers; favourable, extraordinary, enjoyable, mystic, spiritual and peaceful environment for you all seasons of the year. Cyprus, third biggest island of the Mediterranean is always desired in every period of history for strategic, political, commercial and religious reasons, and does not lose its charm at any time…

North Cyprus location is at the crossroads of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Closest neighbouring locations are Turkey, South Cyprus, Lebanon, Greece, Egypt, Israel and Syria. Its coasts are approximately 396 km long with a unique blend of beaches, plains and mountains. Moreover, with its historical past and location, Northern Cyprus is in many ways a surprising synthesis between eastern and western cultures; and with its rich multicultural heritage, in every part of the country you will find ancient monuments and sites that belongs to more than 11 thousand years of civilization and history makes the country exceptionally beautiful.

North Cyprus Universities offer affordable tuition and fees as well as accommodation charges, whilst North Cyprus offers moderate living expenses.


No need of external exams such as IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, GMAT etc.
Affordable tuition fee (part payment is accepted)
Job Opportunity for student with work permits
Affordable Accommodation for Students
Discount card for students to purchase goods at a very cheap rates
Scholarship Opportunity for outstanding students
Cyprus is a crime-free country
Free internet facility is available in almost everywhere (inside buses, parks, relaxation gardens, public buildings, supermarkets, schools, hospitals etc)
From Cyprus, you can visit any other country you wish to visit for vacation provided you have your student identity.

Food and drinks bought from shops instead of eating out in restaurants can significantly be cheaper. All other shopping items as well as services are also very affordable in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus offer very affordable living conditions for students and this is among the top reasons why Cyprus is fast becoming a student hub for students from many different countries and cultures.

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