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We are the appointed RECRUITMENT AGENT of UNIVERSITY OF MAURITIUS. We recruit students from West African Countries for the University

Studying at The University of Mauritius is a great learning experience not just for the high quality of education, but also because they can make a good career. Thanks to the wide job opportunities they get after graduating from the reputed University of Mauritius (UoM).

When it comes to providing extensive fields of study, there are very few places that can compete with University of Mauritius. The university offer different courses in numerous fields such as Information Technology, Finance, Medicine, Engineering, Administration, Fashion, Management, Tourism, Hotel Management, Law, Psychology and many more.

Students can pursue degrees like Diplomas, Undergraduates, Masters, Doctorate and Post Graduate Certificates for the above-mentioned fields. Students have a great learning experience, as the University include industry visits, and also regularly conduct workshops and seminars. Thanks to these initiatives, students get to learn much more apart from the usual course material.

At the University of Mauritius, tuition fee starts from $1,500.00 per session. This would depend on the course the student is pursuing. The costs are still much more affordable as compared to other universities in Mauritius and other foreign countries.

Work, Enjoy, Live Conveniently while Studying. These are what makes University of Mauritius the university you should study:

Low Tuition Fee
Cheap Accommodation
100% Visa
No racism


4 thoughts on “STUDY IN MAURITIUS”

  1. Zainab Musa Nassarawa says:

    I want to enroll
    What can i do

  2. Kayode BAMIDELE says:

    I will like to study and work in Mauritius.

    1. admin says:

      Send us an email: or whatsapp: +2348187231995

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